giovedì 2 gennaio 2014

Core Temp 1.0 RC6

Per effettuare il download di Core Temp 1.0 RC6 cliccare qui.

Programma per vedere le temperature della cpu, di libero utilizzo, compatibile con piattaforme Windows, Xp/Vista/7/8.

Esistono 2 versioni scaricabili una per sistemi a 32 , e l'altra per sistemi a 64 bit.

Changelog completo:

Version 1.0 RC6 - 9th October, 2013

*** Core Temp Monitor is now available, an Android and Windows Phone app to monitor your machines from anywhere in the world! More information can be found here.

- New: Digital signature. Core Temp is digitally signed by 'Artur Liberman', it is now easy to tell that you have a genuine copy of Core Temp.
- New: Update Checker. Core Temp can now notify you when a new version is available.
- New: You can now hide the taskbar button and use the system tray icons to pop the window back up.
- New: Added support AMD's new Richland APU.
- New: Added support for Intel Haswell and Ivy Bridge-EP CPUs.
- New: Preliminary support for Bay Trail-T Atoms.

- Fix: BSOD on some Windows 7/8 + UEFI enabled machines.
- Fix: AMD FX system freezes/crashes/BSOD.
- Fix: Driver failure when closing Core Temp on another Windows user account.
- Fix: Corrected detection of certain Xeon processors.

- Update: Ram utilization notification icon added to the Settings --> Notification Area.
- Update: Logitech G15 applet now supports CPUs with up to 10 cores.
- Update: System tray icons' tooltips now display their respective core information.
- Update: Log file will now also contain power consumption.
- Update: Log file will now keep track of each core on AMD CPUs as well.

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